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A message from Toshko:

"I am looking forward to teaching you EVERYTHING I know about trading the Forex market using what I believe to be the most profitable system ever created. Once you learn my New Science of Forex Trading I think you will have everything you need to earn a very good living as a full time trader. It is a great lifestyle. To work when you want and from anywhere you want. To have the ability to just sit down at your computer and make money most anytime you want. Spend the next six months with me in the memberís area and I will do everything possible to make a superstar Forex trader out of you. Whether your goal is to just trade part time and earn some extra income or trade full time and get filthy rich, Iím here to help you get there."

YES Count me in Toshko. I'm ready to learn your breakthrough New Science for trading profitably and I agree never to share the strictly confidential information I am about to learn with anyone.

Here's a recap of everything you are getting to start your journey to becoming a highly profitable Forex trader:

  • - Yes, I understand that by ordering TODAY I am entitled to all of the following at a deep discount:

    - Yes I understand I will receive 6 DVDs containing all the materials to learn the system.

    - Yes I understand I will receive the top secret printed training manual with detailed explanations and images that explain every aspect of the New Science Of Forex Trading.

    - Yes I understand I will receive the 6 cheat sheets for quickly knowing if any trade is a trade you should take or not.

    Value $2,000

    - Having access to Toshko, who normally charges $1,000 per hour, is worth a fortune but lets call it


    The second part of the package is online access to the following:

    - Yes I understand I will have unlimited access to the online Profit Lab, which is a private member's only area for New Science Of Forex Trading members for a period of 6 months.

    - Yes I understand I will have unlimited access to the online regular live webinars where I can share charts and ask questions.

    - Yes I understand I will have unlimited access to the best support team in all of Forex through email, phone, Skype and live chat and trader on call support.

    Value $1,000

    - Yes I understand I will receive the The NSOFT Smart Trade App that will make trading this powerful system even easier.

    Value $500

    The two custom BONUS indicators The Entry Point Archer and The Trend Tracker which make NSOFT even easier and MORE profitable.

    Value $500

    Total Value $5,000

    - Yes I understand that by ordering today I am saving a full 4,003 when I choose the one-time payment option of just $997

    -Yes I understand that during this strictly limited release of the New Science Of Forex Trading system for trading Forex profitably, I will learn the only system of its kind for trading Forex for a $997 one-time payment.

    Your package will be rush shipped to you via UPS or USPS.

    You will also be provided with an online tracking number to follow the status your delivery.

    - Yes I understand that training starts tomorrow so by the time my package arrives, I will be better prepared.

    Yes, I understand that I am protected by your unconditional, no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee.

    100% No-Questions-Asked
    Money Back Guarantee

    New Science Of Forex Trading is copyrighted intellectual property and I am prohibited by law from copying, distributing or sharing this information with others. The information is just too valuable.

2 Powerful Bonus indicators if you act today...

Big Bonus #1

The Entry Point Archer

This is like having Warren Buffet sit down in front of your charts and point out your entry points for you.

Like a highly skilled archer this custom indicator will find the exact point in which you should enter a trade with surgical precision. It is custom designed to work only with the New Science of Forex Trading System and makes it even more accurate and profitable.

Arrows will appear on your chart when all the conditions for a profitable trade have been met making it almost impossible to miss a trade that can make you money.

You can trade the NSOFT system just fine without this brilliant piece of software but it makes it even easier and more accurate. Just another way the new technology behind the New Science of Forex Trading makes you more money, faster and easier, than any other system on earth.

Big Bonus #2

The Trend Tracker

This tool will save you time and make you money.

In order to get important confirmation about the higher time frame you would normally need to switch between timeframes manually. With this custom indicator you will know at a glance that the trend is your friend. Following the exacting rules of the NSOFT system this indicator will confirm for you that entering a conservative trade could have a hugely profitable outcome.

If you act right now I will include all of these money making tools for free.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions as detailed on this page.

Prices listed do not include shipping and handling charges.

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New Science Of Forex Trading

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